“Your garage door is our garage door. We treat your garage doors like our own. You have my name on it. ” — Don Szynskie, Owner

Don on why we are good at what we do:

“We find beauty in something done well. From our first receiving your call and scheduling an appointment to standing back watching a well working garage door going up and down, controlled by your Smart Phone, we feel good about delivering a satisfying customer experience for the benefit it gives us both. Many times I’ve had a person say they enjoyed watching an expert working his craft with apparent ease to repair the garage door. Any job is easily done if you’ve got the correct tools and know how to use them along with the experience gained from having a great teacher.”

Don uses the knowledge he acquired from his mentor Frank Mannix 31 years ago to stay safe when working on dangerous garage door operations. These days we teach our new techs with hands-on training for four months minimum to assure the success of our installer. Below is a picture of our team.